Saturnia, the Monkfish Goddess, Queen of Black Rock City
Bacchus, the God of Wine, is commonly considered to be the center of ancient Roman party life. The truth -- which has been suppressed for all of these millennia -- is that at the core of the Bacchanalian movement was something very, very, different. The true Roman hedonists were a hyper secret cult who worshipped Saturnia, the Monkfish Goddess. The Saturnists practiced a form of worship so orgiastic and depraved that emperor Caligula was morally offended, and expelled them all from Rome.

The Cult of Saturnia wandered throughout the Roman Empire, illuminating the path to enlightenment through all night party action. Eventually they settled in the tiny village of Neviano, in what is today southern Italy. There they led a quiet, happy life, of intoxicated over-sexed fish worship. In 1002 AD, when Christianity finally arrived, most of the Saturnists were executed, and the rest baptized and forced to move to Utah. The cult was thought to be extinguished. However, over the centuries, one family in Neviano secretly kept the rites of the Monkfish Goddess alive. They passed their ichthyous wisdom from father to son, for generation upon generation, waiting for the prophesied 1000 years to pass, when Saturnia would roam the earth again.

That day, people of Burning Man, has come. Tiberio Simone, the Last Secret High Priest of Saturnia, bastard great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Emperor Tiberius, has taught his secret rites to a tiny cadre of devoted acolytes -- Team Saturnia. Together, through a month-long regimen of praying, heavy drinking, and power tools, we brought her back to this mortal coil for a brief, shining, glorious week. We present to you Saturnia, the Monkfish Goddess, Queen of Black Rock City...


teamsaturnia.jpg (17211 bytes) Team Saturnia is: